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    Sun Netra ct900 ILOM


      where can I find the ILOM serial/network port?
      I tried to connect almost all ports but still I can't find the ILOM serial port.

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          I am not familiar with the ct900 but looking at the documentation available on docs.sun.com here:


          then in the Server Administration and Reference manual it shows the serial ports as being on the shelf alarm panel:


          Checking the Server Installation Guide the shelf alarm panel should be at the back, top right:


          Hope this helps.
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            thanks for your reply, but actually I couldn't understand from those document what port is the ILOM/ ALOM.
            and I couldn't find it on net as well.

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              There is no ILOM/ALOM on the CT-900 ATCA Chassis. All functions normally provided through the ALOM/ILOM are provide via the Shelf Mangement Module (ShMM). Depending upon your configuration, you will either have one or two ShMM's (for redundency). Both ShMM's can be access via the 2x serial ports on the Shelf Alarm Panel (SAP). You can also configure the ShMM's with IP Addresses and access them remotely through telnet or SSH.

              The CT-900 ATCA Chassis leverages the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) specification for management and control of the individual hardware components of the chassis. I suggest you familiarize yourself with IPMI, as it may make it easier for you to manage the chassis.
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                do the SHMM have a web interface??
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                  I do not believe so, but I would suggest you consult the documentation to be certain.