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    Error labeling RAID1 SSD drives in T6340

      Sun Blade 6000 chassis
      Sun Blade T6340 with 2 internal 30GB SSD drives.
      Boot from DVD (Solaris 10 10/09) and start install: disks not formatted/partitioned.
      Use format to label c2t0d0: successful
      Use format to label c2t1d0: successful
      Use raidctl to create RAID1: successful
      Use format to label/partition c2t0d0:
      selecting c2t0d0
      [disk formatted]
      Disk not labeled. Label it now? yes
      Warning: error writing VTOC.
      Warning: no backup labels
      Write label failed
      This worked fine on another T6340 with 136GB platter disks, but failing with solid state disks.
      Any clues?