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    SB 6000 CMM Firmware Update

      Hi Folks,

      I'm having trouble finding the needed information in docs.sun.com. Is it possible to update the CMM of a Blade6000 while the Bladeservers inside are running, or is a shutdown of all the servers required? Can someone link me to the appropriate Documentation as well?

      Is there a minimum CMM Firmware Level for specific Blade ILOM Versions (meaning: Can I update my blades to the newest Firmware while leaving the CMM Firmware at Build 23240)?

      Appreciate your help,

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          You can definitely update the CMM while the blades remain running. There are advisories against it, as theoretically, something could happen, but I have been able to successfully do this.

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            the firmware download link is

            firmware update does not interrupt the blades, because you update the SP of the CMM !
            After firmware update, reboot the CMM with
            reset /CMM
            The Blades will still run while the CMM (the SP) will be rebootet.

            If you have a Sun contract pls ask them about upgrading the blades and leaving the CMM firmware at 2.x.x, but in my opinion it should work.
            The are many bugfixes solved and it is advisable to go to 3.x.x

            The other way round may result in a situation where you won't be able to access the SP of the blade from the CMM!

            So as I updated the CMM firmware, I also updated the firmware of the blade.

            To see the current firmware of the blade, type
            prtdiag -v

            -- Nick
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              Does anyone have any experience of configuring the CMM in TRUNK ( Link Aggregation mode ) ( and it actually working - consistently?)

              The documentation around this is very vague (ie what aggregation protocol does it use ?) ( I've got the ILOM Admin 3.0 guide)

              Having tested this on a number of Blade Chassis and switch types - it doesn't work ( ie failover consistently).

              Switches (Huawei) are configured in trunk mode - STA enabled on the trunked ports.

              Pulling each network cable from the CMM & reconnecting causes loss of connection to the IP on the CMM.

              Implication from a support call we placed was that the CMM uses ETHERCHANNL / PAGP ( which is a Cisco propreitary protocol)

              I would have assumed they would use LACP - but the error logging on our switches suggest they CMM doesn;t repond correctly to LACP requests - if we force/configure the switch to this mode).

              Does anyone have this working / has tested failover on the CMMs

              (Sun support suggestion was just to connect one of the CMM ports!)
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                I also need to do the same, can you please tell if it worked on Sun Blade. Thanks in Advanced