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    Unable to upgrade x6250 from ELOM to ILOM

      Description:     Server Board Information
      BIOS version:     1ADPI040
      Manufacture Date:     2008/05/21 16.53
      Manufacturer:     Sun Microsystems
      Product:     Sun Blade X6250 Server Module
      Part Number:     375-3501-04
      Slot ID:     0

      Description     BMC Board Information
      Device ID      5
      Device Revision      0
      Firmware Revision      4.0.54
      IPMI Revision      2.0
      CPLD version      140

      In the GUI when I enter the Maintenance mode I can browse and upload the Telom_X6250-053_040.ROM file ... I get an Upload Successful message and then nothing ... if after 10-20 minutes I hit refresh on the screen it bounces me back to the login page.

      When I try to do this via a CLI ... I am unable to set the IP address ....
      Sun Microsystems Embedded Lights Out Manager

      Copyright 2006 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.

      Firmware Version: 4.0.54

      SMASH Version: v1.0.0

      Hostname: SUNSP001E685779BE

      IP address:

      MAC address: 00:1E:68:57:79:BE

      -> cd /SP/TftpUpdate

      -> show


      ServerIP =
      Filename = all.bin
      SaveFlag = yes
      Update = (Could not show property)

      Target Commands:
      -> set ServerIP=
      Set server IP fail.

      Could not set 'ServerIP' to ''

      I have tried reseting the SP but to no avail. Is there something else I can try.