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    CMM ILOM on Blade 6000 chassis

      Hi, wondered if anyone here can help me. I am looking at the Blade 6000 from a remote management perspective, and already have some experience with the (comparable?) HP 3000 Blade enclosure and its capabilities so apologies if I make any assumptions based on that.

      At first glance, reading the April 2007 document entitled "Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) Administration Guide for Sun Blade 6000 Modular System" it clearly states "Note – All access to the CMM ILOM is through the CLI. WebGUI access is not supported."

      However, reading "http://wikis.sun.com/display/BladeSystems/Home#Home-collateral" and specifically the Sun Blade 6000 Modular System – Chassis Monitoring Module Interactive Demo, that clearly shows a Graphic User Interface comparable to that provided by the HP 3000 Blade enclosure.

      So, the question is - which is correct? Is there a remote management GUI or not? Is the GUI a work-in-progress? If so, when will it be released?
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          Please see the latest ILOM SB6000/SB6800, and X6220/X6420 documentation at http://docs.sun.com

          ILOM CMM BUI was introduced as part of the ILOM release (current release on Sun download ILOM, ILOM is scheduled for June).
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            Thanks for the info re ILOM

            However, I have not been able to find any Blade 6000 ILOM documents in docs.sun.com any newer than the one I was referring to which only refers to the CLI.

            Can you please include specific URLs/doc ref numbers?

            If you are implying that the ILOM version on my 6000 chassis is old and doesn't include a GUI but there is a newer version available now which does, can I resolve this issue by simply upgrading the firmware? If so, where do I go to get the firmware?

            Currently I have ...

            -> version
            CMM firmware 1.1.6
            CMM firmware build number: 16671
            CMM firmware date: Thu Mar 1 11:21:46 PST 2007
            CMM filesystem version: 0.1.14

            Many thanks
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              The latest ILOM documentation can be found at:

              In addition, the current Sun Blade 6000 Chassis Monitoring Module (CMM) firmware can be found at

              Version "Sun Blade 6000 Chassis Supplement 1.2" is the current release (ILOM version is included in this release).

              If you plan to update the Sun Blade 6000 modular system ILOM firmware, you should first first update your server modules to the latest firmware version, then install the latest version of the Sun Blade 6000 modular system firmware.

              For firmware upgrade guidance please refer to the "Sun Blade 6000 Modular System Product Notes" located here:

              Please don't hesitate to provide feedback and/or let me know if I can be of additional assistance!

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                Thanks Blademan. The recommendation to upgrade the blades first before the chassis is particularly useful, but unfortunately complicates things for me since the other blades in the chassis are not mine :-(

                However, at this stage I was really just looking for some documentation on the CMM ILOM which shows me how the chassis and blades can be managed via the new GUI.

                Unfotrunately the doclink you inlcuded is just a link to the 3 docs I have already looked at. The first refers to the CMM ILOM but with no reference to the GUI, and the other 2 docs are about ILOM 2 but with no reference to blades!
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                  I took a look at the Sun Integrated Lights Out Manager User's Guide 2.0 just to double check on the CMM specific ILOM content.

                  ILOM is supported on a variety of Sun server platforms, including rackmount and blade servers. ILOM firmware is preinstalled on the service processor (SP) of Sun rackmount servers, Sun blade servers and on Chassis Monitoring Modules (CMM).

                  ILOM supports two ways to manage a system: using the SP directly or (as in your case) going through the CMM.

                  �� Using the service processor directly �C Managing the SPs of rackmounted servers by communicating directly with the SP or blades enables you to manage individual system or blade operations. This approach may be useful in troubleshooting a service processor or controlling access to specific systems or blades if you have a multi-tenant system.

                  �� Using the Chassis Monitoring Module �C managing the system from the CMM enables you to set up and manage components throughout the entire system, or to drill down to manage the individual blade server SP.

                  ILOM is available through a variety of interfaces including (but not limited to) WEB (Chapter 4) , CLI (Chapter 3), Remote Console (Chapter 12) etc.

                  �� Web interface �C The web interface provides an easy-to-use browser interface that enables you to log in to the SP and to perform system management, monitoring, and IPMI tasks. For information about the ILOM web interface, see Chapter 4 in the User's Guide.

                  �� Remote Console �C The ILOM Remote Console enables you to access your server��s console remotely. It redirects the keyboard, mouse, and video screen, and can redirect input and output from the local machine��s CD and diskette drives. For information about the Remote Console, see Chapter 12.

                  Chapter 2 explains how to establish initial communication with ILOM and what type of tasks you can perform with different connections. To access the management network using the ILOM web interface or CLI, you need the IP address for the CMM or the SP (service processor) you want to manage. Each CMM and SP is assigned a unique IP address during the initial system setup. The process for assigning initial IP addresses for SPs and CMMs is described , see Chapter 2 in the User's guide.

                  Chapter 4 talks about the Web Interface and it also provides guidance for specifically connecting to the CMM on a blade chassis.

                  It sounds like Chapters 2, 4 & 12 might be most applicable for you to review.

                  But ... we are always striving to improve our documentation. We welcome your comments and suggestions on the whole User's Guide.

                  You can submit your comments by going to: http://www.sun.com/hwdocs/feedback

                  Please include the title and part number of your document with your feedback:
                  Sun Integrated Lights Out Manager 2.0 User��s Guide, part number 820-1188-11

                  One thing I noticed that might be helpful, it is much easier to view the User's Guide if you download the actual PDF as you are then afforded the opportunity to zoom in on some of the screen captures that are a little tough to see in the on-line viewing mode.


                  I will talk to our documentation folks to see if we can improve the viewing experience of the screen captures.

                  I apologize for failing to ask this earlier ... I know you have a SB6000 Chassis but which specific blade (server modules) models are you using?

                  Marc Shelley
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                    4 me its working fine..see the value

                    CMM Firmware Version
                    CMM Firmware Build Number     30353
                    CMM Firmware Date     Wed Mar 19 20:58:45 PDT 2008
                    CMM Filesystem Version     0.1.14
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                      Thanks for including all those excerpts Marc.

                      I know I'm splitting hairs here - but I guess I just didn't expect to hunt through a 300-page ILOM guide just to find the bits I wanted to know about managing blades from the chassis using a GUI, which I am assuming will be added to the SB6000 documentation at some time in the future.

                      In fact the image that I expected to see in the SB6000 doc, with a graphic representation of the chassis and its contents and a navigation menu down the left of CMM, Blade 0, blade 1 etc ins't actually in the ILOM doc at all.

                      I'll leave some feedback re the SB6000 doc as suggested.

                      To answer your question - I'm using a T6300 server module.

                      Many Thanks.
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                        Initial setup of CMM is CUI. ie from serial port you should assign ip adress,netmask and gateway . Once this done you can access All blades from Web browser GUI. For this you may need java 1.6.

                        Any specific doubt pls contact.

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                          I am trying to update our 6000 series chassis, however, I am not sure if it will be supported. We have 2 T6300 blades as well as 3 X6220 blades. I do not see any updates for the T6300 blades for ALOM/ILOM support so that we could update the chassis to ILOM Can we still update this chassis?
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                            You can update the ILOM in the 6000 series CMM. It will continue to support blades running ALOM, ELOM or ILOM and does not have to match the Service processor technology on the blade itself.

                            Product Manager for ILOM
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                              Thanks tonykay. I will go look into doing this.
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                                Attempted to upgrade a SB6000 CMM w/x6220 and x6250 with the original release of firmware that was CLI only. The upgrade packages that I had were CMM: ilom.6000-, x6220: Rel2.1, and x6250: Rel2.0.1. I updated the CMM first using tftp via serial port CLI and then I was able to connect to the CMM with a browser and update the x6220. The CMM to x6250 was unsuccessful as the CMM was not able to communicate with the server module. It showed that a server module was in the slot but was unable to connect. I tried a ssh session but I could not get passed the password. It complained that the password was incorrect. I had a room full of techies that were waiting for a demo of the system so I had to go with what I had - a working CMM and a working x6220. I may get a chance to return and try to update it again so if I do - what do I do to revive it?


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                                  I have upgrade my Chassis ILOM to upgrade went fine but after upgrade i can not see /CH target. It seems to be weird. I did not upgrade my blade module before upgrading Chassis. Can you help me in that?

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                                    Remote Management is accessible from both the GUI & SP console