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    Intermittent stalls on T5240s

      I am wondering whether anyone else has encountered this.
      Straight T5240 build with Solaris 8/07 and JKP 137111-07.
      There are about 20 Clariion LUNs attached to the system.
      There are 7 NICs connected to a Cisco 4948 switch.

      3 nics on global zone (1 standalone and 2 x IPMP)
      2 nics in exclusive IP stack on 2 NGZs (set up in IPMP config)

      When the zones start up, we start observing performance issues (with ssh sessions hanging intermittently), almost like connections are getting queued up ocassionally or something.

      Anyone seen this kind of behavior?
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          Embarrassing factoid --

          This kind of problem happens if you have multiple nics working on the system...and local-mac-address set to false.
          Should have checked it first, but since i usually always turn it to true, I didn't bother (and these two boxes I didn't build via jumpstart but LU'ed them).