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    Logical Domains (LDoms)

      Using Logical Domains and CoolThreads Technology: Improving Scalability and System Utilization

      This blueprint describes a Sun project that explored the use of Sun's CMT platform and the Logical Domains (LDoms) virtualization technology as a means to increase application software scalability and improve system utilization. Using LDoms software, multiple logical systems � each with its own operating system and each running an independent instance of the application software � are created on a single server.
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          CWKS2CMDB is a project designed to provide uni-directional integration between CiscoWorks� Resource Manager Essentials (RME), a network management solution for Cisco switches, access servers, and routers, and BMC� Atrium� CMDB (Atrium CMDB) version 2.x. Atrium CMDB provides all the necessary features to implement the configuration management database in a user's environment. CWKS2CMDB can exchange data between RME and the BMC� Remedy� Action Request System� (AR System) forms or Atrium CMDB classes.