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    second path to the LDs on 3510 missing

      I have a T2000 with 4gb dual port qlogic hba port and a 3510FC array
      with one controller (upper board) attached to it.

      I do have mpxio enabled on the host but I only see one path

      # mpathadm show lu /dev/rdsk/c4t600C0FF0000000000A758B0FE1935B00d0s2
      Logical Unit: /dev/rdsk/c4t600C0FF0000000000A758B0FE1935B00d0s2
      mpath-support: libmpscsi_vhci.so
      Vendor: SUN
      Product: StorEdge 3510
      Revision: 415F
      Name Type: unknown type
      Name: 600c0ff0000000000a758b0fe1935b00
      Asymmetric: no
      Current Load Balance: round-robin
      Logical Unit Group ID: NA
      Auto Failback: on
      Auto Probing: NA

      Initiator Port Name: 210000e08b892a74
      Target Port Name: 216000c0ff8a758b
      Override Path: NA
      Path State: OK
      Disabled: no

      Target Ports:
      Name: 216000c0ff8a758b
      Relative ID: 0

      I noticed the hba is connected to fc0 and fc1 on the storage

      but show channels shows channel 1 is not configured with a PID

      sccli> show channels
      Ch Type Media Speed Width PID / SID
      0 Host FC(L) 2G Serial 40 / N/A
      1 Host FC(L) 2G Serial N/A / 42
      2 DRV+RCC FC(L) 2G Serial 14 / 15
      3 DRV+RCC FC(L) 2G Serial 14 / 15
      4 Host FC(L) 2G Serial 44 / N/A
      5 Host FC(L) 2G Serial N/A / 46
      6 Host LAN N/A Serial N/A / N/A

      And the disks are mapped to channel 0 and channel 4

      sccli> show lun-maps
      Ch Tgt LUN ld/lv ID-Partition Assigned Filter Map
      0 40 0 ld0 301E8593-00 Primary
      0 40 1 ld1 3BDA746C-00 Primary
      0 40 2 ld2 160E4F54-00 Primary
      0 40 3 ld3 7B083A5D-00 Primary
      0 40 4 ld4 7C2AB880-00 Primary
      0 40 5 ld5 4F49BC32-00 Primary
      0 40 6 ld6 0FE1935B-00 Primary
      0 40 7 ld7 5DF994EF-00 Primary
      0 40 8 ld8 5F0765C2-00 Primary
      0 40 9 ld9 4CF733A6-00 Primary
      0 40 10 ld10 6487A542-00 Primary
      0 40 11 ld11 266E3F41-00 Primary
      4 44 0 ld0 301E8593-00 Primary
      4 44 1 ld1 3BDA746C-00 Primary
      4 44 2 ld2 160E4F54-00 Primary
      4 44 3 ld3 7B083A5D-00 Primary
      4 44 4 ld4 7C2AB880-00 Primary
      4 44 5 ld5 4F49BC32-00 Primary
      4 44 6 ld6 0FE1935B-00 Primary
      4 44 7 ld7 5DF994EF-00 Primary
      4 44 8 ld8 5F0765C2-00 Primary
      4 44 9 ld9 4CF733A6-00 Primary
      4 44 10 ld10 6487A542-00 Primary
      4 44 11 ld11 266E3F41-00 Primary

      the target port path of mpathadm show lu above for one disk matches
      the wwpn for channel 0, 216000C0FF8A758B

      sccli> show port-wwns
      Ch Id WWPN
      0 40 216000C0FF8A758B
      1 42 226000C0FFAA758B
      4 44 256000C0FFCA758B
      5 46 266000C0FFEA758B

      so host (hba) is seeing the luns provisioned through fc0 which mapped
      to channel 0. but no other path

      so could I just move the connection from fc1 to fc4 and expect
      mpathadm to see two paths to the disks ?

      will it hurt my raidz2 zpools which are already using block devices
      with those long WWNs.

      I am running sol 10 u3 with zpool version 15 (patched yesterday to get
      to this level)

      Also noticed cfgadm shows the second device controller c3 shows connected to ESI
      type instead of disk type like for c2. c3 wwn matches fc1's wwn
      number. so I guess
      if I moved the fiber to fc4 on the 3510's controller board it will
      start showing second path.

      # cfgadm -al
      Ap_Id Type Receptacle Occupant Condition
      c0 scsi-bus connected configured unknown
      c0::dsk/c0t0d0 CD-ROM connected configured unknown
      c1 scsi-bus connected configured unknown
      c1::dsk/c1t0d0 disk connected configured unknown
      c1::dsk/c1t1d0 disk connected configured unknown
      c1::dsk/c1t2d0 disk connected configured unknown
      c1::dsk/c1t3d0 disk connected configured unknown
      c2 fc-private connected configured unknown
      c2::216000c0ff8a758b disk connected configured unknown
      c3 fc-private connected configured unknown
      c3::226000c0ffaa758b ESI connected configured unknown
      usb0/1 unknown empty unconfigured ok
      usb0/2 unknown empty unconfigured ok
      usb1/1.1 unknown empty unconfigured ok
      usb1/1.2 unknown empty unconfigured ok
      usb1/1.3 unknown empty unconfigured ok
      usb1/1.4 unknown empty unconfigured ok
      usb1/2 unknown empty unconfigured ok