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      • 30. Re: Patching the sunpcbinary with a hex editor
        Loaded the patch and it works. Y2010K bug Fixed! Thanks---
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          Hi guys , I am facing this issue on solaris 9 and sparc SUNW,Sun-Blade-1000

           pkginfo -l SUNWspci3
             PKGINST:  SUNWspci3
                NAME:  SunPCi III
            CATEGORY:  system
                ARCH:  sparc
             VERSION:  3.2
             BASEDIR:  /opt
              VENDOR:  Sun Microsystems, Inc.
                DESC:  This package contains the SunPCi III software for Solaris 7, 8, and 9, Sparc PCI Platforms
              PSTAMP:  20031103_0911
            INSTDATE:  Apr 04 2004 20:04
             HOTLINE:  Please contact your local service provider
              STATUS:  completely installed
          When I try to add the patch to the system , I get below message

          patchadd 118591-04
          Checking installed patches...
          One or more patch packages included in
          118591-04 are not installed on this system.
          Patchadd is terminating.
          uname -a
          SunOS XXX 5.9 Generic_122300-16 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Blade-1000
          Please help me with this error. Thank you.
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            The patch cannot be applied to SunPCI software version 3.2.1 - on my system 3.2.2 has problems that I have not resolved. Both 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 have the Y2K+0xA problem.
            • 33. Re: Patching the sunpcbinary with a hex editor
              Thanks for quick reply, I think I better change the system to old date and try ??

              EDIT :

              Hi, I am able to run sunpcbinary by changing system date and resetting it again to current time later when it is up.But, is there something we can do in SUNWspci shell script to change date before running sunpcbinary and again change the date back to current after it calls sunpcbinary?

              Or, any ways to hex edit this one? my sunpcbinary looks as shown in this pic :
              Unfortunately, this workstations belongs to someone who does not have root access and so can not set date, so any ideas that can help?


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                We're running SunPCi 3.2.1. Here is a fix:

                current=`echo 'validate_system_time+0x1e0?X'|adb $file|awk '{print $2}'`
                if [ "$current" == 1000000 ]; then
                echo patch already applied
                elif [ "$current" != 14800014 ]; then
                echo patch not applicable >&2
                elif [ -f $file.orig ]; then
                echo backup file already exists, will not overwrite >&2
                cp -ip $file $file.orig &&
                echo 'validate_system_time+0x1e0?W 0x1000000' | adb -w $file

                You can figure this stuff out for yourself if you know assembler and how to use a debugger (such as adb). Here are some quick notes to get you started:

                strings -a -t x $file | grep -i "Your System Time appears to be set in the future"
                268e4 Your System Time appears to be set in the future

                :r run
                $m memory map
                0x368e4:a accessbreakpoint
                0x368e4?s view string
                $c backtrace
                validate_system_time?I view instruction

                validate_system_time+0x230: 147e0 400070a4: call LogError
                validate_system_time+0x1e0: 14790 14800014: bg validate_system_time+0x230

                validate_system_time+0x74: 14624 1000000: nop

                validate_system_time+0x1e0?W 0x1000000
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                  Thank you 'morty_a', appreciate it!

                  I will definitely try your suggestion when I get an opportunity next time.

                  Good day!
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                    Me too facing the sam problem...can anyone help me with the exact solution...
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                      Locking answered zombie thread.
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