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    EOSL for SDLTs

      Hi, weve been informed by a SUN sales/contracts representative that all our SDLT320 and SDLT600 tape backup devices hit End of Service Life (EOSL) on Jan 14th and can no longer be supported on our maintenance contract.

      I've looked at the EOSL listing in SunSolve and there is no mention of SDLT600 at all, which isn't surprising as Sun are still selling them, and SDLT320s don't hit EOSL until 31-Jun-13.

      Has anybody else been told this or are we being subjected to a new "Sales technique"

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          Typically the EOSL date is 5 years after last ship date for hardware. The list at [http://sunsolve.sun.com/handbook_private/Systems/common-docs/hardware.html] currently shows the EOSL date for the
          SDLT320 is 09/30/2013. An EOSL date for the SDLT600 would not be set yet since it appears to be a product that is still shipping.

          Specific questions regarding this should be sent to eosl_interest@sun.com
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            Is this because the tape loader is going out of support? We have an L25 tape autochanger which Sun soon will not give us support for.