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    Cannot find any information on this Sun Server I just got

      Hi, Just got this Sun Server and I cant find in the Sun knowledgebase or support section.

      The box is approx 50cm x 50 cm and 6cm high.
      On the back it has 2 Network ports, Lom Serial A & B ports and a pci card with 4 Lan ports.

      Font face plate states Webshield eppliance.

      Label on back states: Compliance model number: FJ1A and Part Number 263-0819-01.

      I have tried hookin up to the serial port with a RJ45 to db9 cable but nothing happens. Perhaps I have the wrong terminal settings entered.

      Maybe this unit is known by another name. I would really like to find all the relevant user guides and how-to documents though.

      Any help appreciated.