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    1000-42 PDS

      Hello all,

      When switching the UPS from Inverter to Bypass, some of the x4100 inside the racks turns off(randomly)!
      First I thought it's a problem with the UPS, but I've confirmed the UPS is ok and functioning 100%(UPS's static switch gives less than 5ms when switching between Bypass and Inverter).and connecting equipment directly to the UPS(bypassing PDS) causes no interruption.

      I know PDS distributes power inside racks with some delta(t), if I'm not mistaken, it's 0.5s(?).

      What seems to happen, when doing bypass/inverter (or vice versa) switching, the PDS recognizes < 5ms power interruption, it disconnects power and redistributes it again to the rack in delta(t), while the machines inside the racks are on, it's enough time for some of them to be interrupted and go off.

      My question is, shouldn't the PDS know how to handle < 5ms power interruption?

      * We have 4 cabinets, in each rack installed 20-25 x4100 with one power supply each node, they are connected only to the UPS.

      Thanks in advance,