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    Storedge C2 autoloader


      I have connected a Storedge C2 autoloader tape drive to one of my Sun boxes running Solaris 10 and was just wondering if there was a way to control the tape drive other than using the web interface.

      At present the tape drive is configured as random and I have a very simple shell script which basically dumps spceified directories onto the tape loaded in the drive. Now my understanding of the C2 is that you can wither have sequential mde (writes to the current tape until EOF and then loads the next tape) or random mode which can be specified by the user or backup software. Since I am not running back up software and just using the built in UNIX command vfsdump etc... is there a way I can change the tapes automatically so that a specific tape is used on the same day of the week every week? Currently I am using the GIU to manually change the tape each day.

      I assume that since the GUI is able to do it there is some underlying commands which are executed in order for these disks to be moved. Ultimately if I knew
      these command I would incorporate them into my script.

      Also if I try telneting to the tape drive I am prompted with a Pinon Debug Terminal asking for a login and password. These credentials I dont know.

      So if anyone can give me some advice I would appreciate it.