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    E250 server  - lost key !!!

      Anything I can do about this?

      How easy is it to get going without the key?
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          I'm going to guess you don't have a service contract on a system that old (doubtful).
          Otherwise you could just open a support case for part number 250-1317.
          The same key works on all E250's, E220R's, E420R's, and a few more systems.

          I can only guess it leaves you with a couple of alternatives:
          or ...
          A skilled locksmith could take an impression and manufacture a replacement for you.

          It's not a particularly sophisticated key design.
          The switch that the key controls simply shuttles you across different circuits.
          Think of the key as a handle with "permissions".
          It might be easier to manufacture a new key than to kludge a replacement for its switch.