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    FRM-41085 error getting group row count when opening form qms00012f


      When we open form qms0012f to run reports we get error
      FRM-41085: Error getting Group Row count.

      We have traced to the problem to procedure qms$form.init in qmslib50.pll where indeed the following codes appears:

      rg_id RECORDGROUP := find_group('CGSH$FORM_OBJECTS');
           -- if QMS$TRANS_ERRORS exists and is not in list of windows, add it
           if window_exists('QMS$TRANS_ERRORS')
      l_row_count := get_group_row_count(rg_id);

      We think that we are missing some code here related to CGSH$FORM_OBJECTS, can anyone explain why and how to solve this?

      Best regards,