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    Wrapped PL/SQL Code and OLE DB commands

      We want to install PL/SQL stored procedures und functions on an Oracle database v as part of an automated client-side setup using ADO commands. This works fine when using plain-text code. However, we get compilation errors for all procedures and functions when using code encrypted by Oracle's wrap utility. No errors occur when executing the wrapped code with SQL plus.

      We assume that this might have to do with the fact that Oracle's wrapped code includes colons which the OLE DB provider interprets as parameters. Is there a way to tell the OLE DB provider to interpret colons as part of the command text?

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          I succeeded with "::" instead of single colon.

          But with OraOLEDB I am unable to pass line delimiter. For example:
            -- xxx

          begin null; -- xxx end;

          and the compiler says end-of-file found.
          Any suggestion?

          Is there any lucky man who can execute anonymous blocks and create database objects such as triggers via OraOLEDB?


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            Hi Dalibor,

            thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, using the double colon instead of the single column does not solve the problem. Have you tried this with wrapped code or did you use plain text code? And did you use MSDAORA or OraOLEDB?

            Unfortunately, I am unable to help you with your problem concerning the OraOLEDB provider since we only use Microsoft's OLE DB provider for Oracle. Is there any reason why you chose to use OraOLEDB?