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    execvp compile error (permission denied)

      when running make for the squid source, the following error appears:

      make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/squid/src/squid-2.5.STABLE12/lib'
      rm -f libmiscutil.a
      /usr/ccs/bin cru libmiscutil.a Array.o base64.o getfullhostname.o hash.o heap.o html_quote.o iso3307.o md5.o radix.o rfc1035.o rfc1123.o rfc1738.o rfc2617.o safe_inet_addr.o splay.o Stack.o stub_memaccount.o util.o uudecode.o

      make[1]: execvp: /usr/ccs/bin: Permission denied
      make[1]: *** [libmiscutil.a] Error 127
      make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/squid/src/squid-2.5.STABLE12/lib'
      make: *** [check-recursive] Error 1

      i have run chmod 755 and 777 and that dir but no change! please help. thanks
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          Check through your Makefile(s), somewhere there is a program pointing to "/usr/ccs/bin/", when it should point to "/usr/ccs/bin/<something>", in your case it should probably say "/usr/ccs/bin/ar".

          You can't execute a directory, but you can execute programs, in this case make tries to execute a directory, which doesn't work.