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    Solaris 10 SCP max at

      When scp'ing from Solaris 10 to Solaris 10 I can't get speeds greater than 1.4MB/s.

      I am using a 900MB file to test with. and I've tried coping with blowfish, 3des and des.

      Example Sol10 to Sol10:
      # time sh -c "scp -c blowfish Test1.dat user@server4:"
      Test1.dat 100% 977MB 1.4MB/s 11:32

      real 11m37.486s
      user 0m23.040s
      sys 0m2.844s

      If I scp from Solaris 10 to Linux I get speeds up to 11.0mb/s

      Example Sol10 to Linux RH5:
      # time sh -c "scp -c blowfish Test1.dat user@server3:"
      Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 5 update 4

      Test1.dat 100% 977MB 11.0MB/s 01:29

      real 1m34.533s
      user 0m23.441s
      sys 0m2.563s

      I have a 1GB link with about 30ms of Latency.
      Here are is my TCP settings:
      tcp_max_buf 67108864

      tcp_cwnd_max 33554432

      tcp_xmit_hiwat 3932160

      tcp_recv_hiwat 3932160

      udp_xmit_hiwat 1048576

      udp_recv_hiwat 1048576

      tcp_maxpsz_multiplier 10

      tcp_wscale_always 1

      ip_soft_rings_cnt 2

      ip_squeue_fanout 0

      Does anyone have any recommendations on speeding this up.
      My Solaris 10 server is:
      Hardware: M4000 16GB RAM
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          have you validated that the speed/duplex matches their switchports on both sun boxes?

          dladm show-dev

          if one side has a duplex mis-match can cause major issues.

          also, try the aes factors - they're quite speedy on their own.