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    Retrieving Hardware information and controlling hardware

      I am currently developing software for a Sparc T5120 server (SPARC-Enterprise-T5120). I am looking into different methods of getting information about the hardware platform. For example I would like to retrieve inventory data (serial numbers, part numbers, etc), control (such as reboot or power down), and also get real-time notifications regarding sensor data (temperature spikes, fan failures, etc). I would like to have these capabilities from within an application.

      In the past I have worked with OpenHPI and was wondering if this is a recommended service on this platform? If it is, is there a recommended pluggin module?

      I am also looking into using IPMI. I see that IPMI tool is installed but this looks like a command line tool and I need something that I can use from within an application. Is there an API for this tool? Or is everything command line? Or does prtdiag meet these requirements? I also might have a need to collect this information from an application that runs within a Solaris non-global zone.

      I apologize for the number of questions in this post. I just want to get started in the correct direction. Further posts will be more specific. Thank you for any help that can be provided.
      Matt Schoen