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    Scope and Career in Solaris OS 10


      My company is giving me a project (OMC or department) wherein I am to work on Solaris OS. However, my company is going to provide me with the training of Administration and Treoubleshooting of Solaris OS 10 (Technically the training would be at Level 2).

      I have expertise of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 at RHCE Level. I have interest in learning more on UNIX.

      So, my main question is: What would be my career or future in Solaris? Would I be working on a totally new technology? Would my understanding of UNIX and Linux be of a great help or not at all? Also, money or salary-wise, can I expect a good package after acquiring skills in Solaris OS?

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          Most of what you are asking is a matter of opinion and or geographically specific. I have found that there are quite a few similarities with rhel and solaris. What you will find a lot is that files may be similar in their configuration but are in different locations in solaris than in rhel. The way of configuring solaris as compared to rhel will be different as well. Solaris doesn't have as many built in configuration tools like rhel has, system-config...etc. Most of it will be done by hand via files or during initial set up.

          Personally I love solaris, I feel it is a great OS that has a lot to offer. It is very stable.
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            That sounds like a great opportunity, a new challenge WITH company paid training and project experience. You are lucky!