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    Can Sparc be virtualized?

      I suspect I know the answer but couldn't find it (easily) in other posts so ...

      We've got applications written in Solaris 8 that we're trying to virtualize using Solaris 10 containers. Believe that will be successful.

      However, I believe there is value in other options such as virtualizing within an Oracle Virtualization VM? Or perhaps within VMWare? Generic hypervisor?

      Am I going down a dead-end here or does someone have a suggestion for me?

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          None of the standard virtualization tools (like VMware) do emulation, so you can't change CPU types. No way to use them to run VMware for x86 and manage a SPARC OS.

          I don't think any of them run on SPARC so that you can do sparc/sparc virtualization via Software.

          You can use LDOMs on sparc to run separate machines, but I don't think that will directly help you with Solaris 8 support.

          Finally, there's stuff like QEMU that does do hardware emulation, so you could run a SPARC image on an x86 architecture. I've never tried to run one.