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    strange command line buffering behavior

      I am working on a program which has runs inside a terminal window. This program has code to replicate much of the standard command line functionality. It works perfectly on Linux 32 or 64 bit. However, on Solaris 9 for Sparc it prints everything to the screen in 4 character bursts. i.e. You will see nothing on the command line until you have hit the 4 character in a sequence (it does not matter what the character is). Immediately following the pressing of the fourth character, all 4 characters come immediately to the screen.

      I have put some diagnostic printf statements into the code. They should be printed to the screen after the press of each character. They are printed to the screen in the correct order (after each key press). But, they only show up as part of the 4 character burst described above. I also tried using "write" for the diagnostic print statements since it is a lower level function, but it behaves the same as the printf statements. Any thoughts on where this might be coming from or where to look?