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    probe-scsi-all not showing storedge

      Need help on storedge 3310......
      As I discussed an issue on 3310 .......

      I tried probe-scsi-all to check the storage device........but its not showing it.............

      any idea??
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          hi, guys:

          about your question, at first , we need to ensure your 3310 configure .

          1. do you map lun on 3310 with sccli ?

          2. is the SCSI HBA adapter sun brand ?

          if you sure it is mapped.the scsi adpate is sun , maybye the line or scsi apapter is defect. you need to replace it.

          because of i have ever an question that similar with you . the OS can display disk, but the probe-scsi-all cannt display it .

          for a long time , i investigation it , i have found out the cause, the HBA adpater isnt sun brand.

          hopful it can help you !

          best regards
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            But it was working fine before the upgrade....also the luns are mapped ...
            when I tries to remap with sccli, it says ...already mapped.........

            just stucked..........