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    How to disable xscreensaver on Solaris 9

      I want to disable xscreensaver . but I do not know how to do ,anyone can help me on this ?

      I can do it in CML .
      I found some resource on SUN website :
      http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc ... sable++XScreenSaver
      To Disable a Screensaver Display on the Solaris Platform
      To disable screensaver displays for all users on a Sun Ray™ thin client, rename the /usr/openwin/lib/xscreensaver/hacks directory to any name other than hacks.
      My understanding about above content is to disable the graph ,but not to disable screensaver function.

      Additional ,I notice that one package installed on my server as below :
      $ pkginfo SUNWxwsvr
      GNOME2 SUNWxwsvr Screen Saver/Locker (xscreensaver)

      May I disable xscreensaver function by pkgrm package SUNWxwsvr? Anybody can help on this?