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    cannot log in as root or su to root

      Solaris 9:
      Here are the symptoms of my issues.

      1) Cannot log in as root on the console. The console window goes blank and hangs. That's where it is now and we can't kill it without being root.
      2) Cannot log in using ssh. The sshd processes are being created as users try to use ssh but no log in is happening.
      3) Cannot ftp. The window hangs after entering the password and the message says it is connected and hangs after that message.
      4) No one can su to any other account, including root. No matter what account you try to su to, after entering the password, the window hangs. You can't Ctrl-C out of it. You have to kill the window and log in again with another telnet session.

      It appears that anyone, except root, can log into the server using telnet. Once you log in as yourself, that is where you stay.
      All other processes appear to be running OK. We have a couple of Oracle instances running and they are running OK. The only issues appear to be what I have listed above. Any help would be greatly appreciated.