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    DiskSuite: finding disk slices with state database replica(s) on them

      I am trying to find the disk slices that that the mdb state db replicas on them... or, put another way... trying to understand the entries in mddb.cf.

      Running Sol 9. disksuite configureation is limited to concat of two disk slices for user data (I think).
      Note: (stuft in "<"/">" is my psuedo code, not what is actually in the file).

      (abbreviated) output from metastat(1M):

      d10: concat/stribp
      stripe 0:
      c1t2d0 yes id1,sd@w<very long number1>
      c1t3d0 yes id1,sd@w<very long number2>

      and from metastat -p:

      d10 1 2 c1t2d0s6 c1t3d0s6 - 64b

      From analysis of prtvtoc(1M)'s output, it looks like there may be 2 or 3 state db replicas located at c1t2d0s4, c1t3d0s4, and possably c1t0d0s1, which consist of 31779, 31779, and 10660410 sectors respectively and do not seem to be otherwise used (not mounted, etc).

      My /etc/lvm/mddb.cf looks like this:
      sd 20 16 id1,sd@w<very long number1>/e <chksum>
      sd 20 8208 id1,sd@w<very long number1>/e <chksum>
      sd 28 16 id1,sd@w<very long number2>/e <chksum>
      sd 28 8208 id1,sd@w<very long number2>/e <chksum>

      entries in /etc/lvm/md.cf are consistent with the above. Interestingly, there is no "set md" entry in /etc/system.

      Will someone please tell me what the secret is to decodeing the entries in mddb.cf such that they point to a disk slice? Thanks.