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    User account deletion in SunMC(SMC console)

      I've been cleaning up my NIS user account on the NIS Master and was using the SMC console to delete user accounts that are no longer needed. These accounts appear to be regular user account created years ago when I try to delete them I'm getting the following error: "The delete of the user account for User test1 could not be performed because that account is a mandatory system account." Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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          Ok, I have figured out why I was getting this error, whomever created the user accounts long, long ago used the default system IDs 99 and below when assigning the user ID. When I tried to delete the accounts through SMC I kept getting the aforementioned error. I used vi editor and edited the passwd file and changed their user ID to some number above 99. Once this was done I opened SMC and deleted the unwanted accounts as desired.