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    SP console x2100?

      I am running a X2100 M2, CentOS5.2. I am able to log into the SP over SSH, run all the CLI commands like 'set /SP/SystemInfo/CtrlInfo PowerCtrl=reset', etc. However, I'm not able to see any system console output via 'start /SP/AgentInfo/console'

      It seems to start up (and I can stop it via ESC-shift-9), but I'm not getting any system output (e.g., can't see grub, or anything from the boot process). I get nothing:

      /SP -> start /SP/AgentInfo/console
      console activate successful
      press ESC ( to terminate session...

      (I get nothing here)

      I can stop the console from another SP session ('stop /SP/AgentInfo/console'). But I cannot see anything, nor get an interactive console with my system, except using the ``Remote Control`` of the Web Server management GUI, but that is not how I want to control the server, because it uses an internal IP and the GUI is not accessible from the outside.

      Am I missing something simple? Do I have to configure Grub for serial output? How do I do that? I don't know the steps to get this working.
      Anyone knows how to do this?
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          Anyone? I need to see the boot screen in case I go to the BIOS, for example, and also be able to login to the console from SP.
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            Seems to me that the problem you have is more a Linux problem, because you have to redirect the login
            console to the serial port. So to have the ability to obtain serial tty sessions through the remote serial
            console, you have to play with the agetty command.

            For exemple, to begin a shell session automatically on /dev/ttyS0 during the system boot, you can add this to
            the /etc/inittab :
            Sx:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 115200 ttyS0 vt100

            You have to customize this line with the Baud rate of the x2100 serial console.

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              I can redirect the serial output, but I want to be able to connect to NET MGNT (eth1) and not the serial.
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                You could also try using the BUI Redirect. Log onto the BUI by browsing to the Management Port IP, logon as root and use the Redirect tab to redirect the GUI console