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    Sharing DVD over NFS - performance question


      I'm trying to share the DVD over NFS.
      I have updated /etc/rmmount.conf with the following line:
      share cdrom* -o ro,anon=0
      Everything works well, except the reading speed, which is quite slow.
      Copying a ~200MB file from DVD over NFS takes ~12 minutes.
      Copying the same file from DVD to the local filesystem takes ~2 minutes,
      and copying this file from the hard drive over NFS takes ~20 seconds.

      This makes me believe that the issue is in the interworking of the NFS and DVD-ROM, for (hypothetical) example,
      the disk can not spin up to the max speed due to the random access.

      Has anyone tried sharing the DVDs with good performance? Should I read up and tweak some NFS parameters or abandon the idea of achieving good performance?
      I'm using Solaris 10 Update 7.

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.