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    cimworkshop error


      I am runnig opensolaris build 41, I have enabled smcwbem:default service using svcadm commnand.
      I am not able to enter into cimworkshop. I get following error in a popup box on runnining /usr/sadm/bin/cimworkshop.

      Unknown CIM error : TIMED_OUT

      Any idea, what needs to be done to make it working.

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          I do not know about that but I just installed Solaris 10 on a V250. Ran all the patches and get the same error when trying to look at the disks in SMC....

          Since I just started I am going to try to re-install Sol10 and see if it errors before the patches....
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            Hey Did you get any luck to get this runing. And what patches you applied.

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              Hi arronfree.

              You posted a problem you were having with SMC and looking at the disk. You got CIM error: TIMED_OUT. Did you ever get this issue resolved? IF you did can you tell me what the solution was. ken.senecal@pioneerinvestments.com.

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                I have resolved the problem. I had to install the latest Patch Cluster for V10 plus quite a few other patches that were not included in the Patch Cluster. It is working nicely now. We had a bunch of SAN attached disk that we think were causing the time out issue.

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                  Sorry for the very late reply.

                  At some point I bagged a production install of Solaris 10. I finally went green on a Sol 10 using 6/06 a month ago. So far no problem like that.

                  Loving ZFS, IPF and soon Zones--hope it stays that way.

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                    it is a little old. But in my case (solari10 installed in vmware), i found that if i remove the floppy drive, this error will just disappear.

                    There is a article about floppy drive causing this issue. But i don't have contract to view it (still a student and trying to learn solaris) Not sure which patch required to get rid of this annoyed fault though.

                    my 2 cent.