FTP Error: 550 Arguments too long

    I am getting "550 Arguments too long" error code with message while try to FTP list the files from solaris 9 by using NetComponents.jar. (remote folder has more than 16000 files) But I am able to FTP list greater than 30000 files properly from solaris 8. Does anyone have seen a similar problem?

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        I spent about 30 minutes looking into this for a similar problem, although mine occurred just during a normal FTP session.

        See if you have patch 114564-04 (or later) installed - that included a bump to the internal limit on the FTP NLST command (aka ls).
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          I have the same problem. I connect to FTP server (Version wu-2.6.2+Sun) on SunOS 5.9. There is already patch 114564-09 installed. I try type "ls <directory>" command, where directory includes about 20 thousand files and FTP server returns: "550 Arguments too long".
          When I try "ls /directory2" command, where directory2 is empty, FTP server returns:

          550 /directory2/*: No such file or directory.

          This behaviour is same as behaviour of unix "ls" command, if I had type "ls /directory2/*" in the command line on the empty directory and on the directory with too many files.

          My conclusion: FTP server on SunOS have a new bug. It takes file list with "ls" command and appends to directory name "*" (asterisk).

          Can anybody help me? Is there some patch to solve this problem?