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    Multiple VLANs on same NIC ?

      I am getting confused by the VLAN tagging documentation and routing IPV4 on single interface systems and am looking for some clarification to find out if what I am trying to accomplish is available/supported/feasible.
      Basically looking to route traffic to 2 vlans from a single NIC. Ciso port has been configured for both VLANs.
      I am trying to figure out how to configure the NIC.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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          This blog may be of some help:
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            Thanks for the response, I did see that blog. I also found this posting which I used as a reference: http://software.itags.org/solaris/56612/
            I wound up having to plumb up each of the interfaces with vlans as indicated, nxge112001 and 138001 for my configuration, added the netmask info in /etc/netmasks, added the gateways for each subnet in the /etc/defaultrouter.
            Configured the zone to use those "physicals" for each subnet.