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    customize 503 error page in IIS Tomcat configuration

      Hi Team,
      I don't know where i could post this in the forum, But i have the problem here

      For the IIS tomcat configuration, i need to customize the 503 error message which is present in 'isapi_redirect.dll'.

      DLL file which i am using :

      DLL source code :

      I modifed the source code of 'isapi_redirect.dll' and re-build using Visual studio 2008 ( release mode ) on windows xp machine.

      while compiling and building there were just fine. no error or warning were displayed.

      but i put the same .dll file in IIS, i realized that dll was not working and blank page is being displayed.

      I am stuck in this for couple of days.

      could you please help in resolving this issue.

      Thanks in advance.