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      New to sun,

      Can we know what are the interface availabel before installing solaris?

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          Start with the Solaris Install-Check tool, to see whether you can even run the OS on your system:

          You should also run the Solaris Device Detection tool on that system:
          It will give you additional information whether there are any subcomponents that just won't work.
          Read that whole page, and even print yourself a copy of it.

          You might also choose to save the link to the Hardware Compatibility List ( the HCL ) as a bookmark in your browser. You will surely find you will often go to the HCL for information.
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            My question is can we have any options to know the interfaces before installing OS.

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              What do you mean by "interface"?
              Could it be the Graphical User Interface (GUI)?
              Perhaps it is the network adapter, which is sometimes referred to as an interface?
              Your question is vague.

              If this is a hardware question, you could open the computer and figure out whatever chipsets are used by the various functions. Then you could research their compatibility with Solaris 10. As an alternative, you could read the various manuals that came with that computer.

              You could actually go back and read my first reply, then go to those links.
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                got it now, i need to ask ethernet interface such as eth0, eth1, lo...o/p of (ifconfig -a)

                Sorry for troubling you questioning wrong question:(

                please help me in it..i am just starting.I have so many questions
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                  Solaris does not use the naming convention of eth0, eth1, etc. That is how Linux seems to do it and you'll never know what drivers are appropriate in Linux unless you actually physically examine the chip with a flashlight and a magnifying glass as I suggested in an earlier reply. A physical examination is still a good technique no matter what OS you hope to install.

                  Each Solaris network interface is named according to the chipset used for that function. So, a 3Com interface will have a different name from a Broadcom chipset, from an Intel networking chip ( and so on). You might see gani0, ipbr1, elxl0, rtls1, or even other text strings.

                  I again suggest you go to the first two links in my first reply and use them. They will examine your computer and will tell you what you hope to find.

                  If you are asking for help with typing commands, use their man pages which are installed with your Solaris. You can also use Google for man pages. An example of a Google search could be by using keywords "+solaris man ifconfig+".
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                    Thanks it helped me a lot.