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    Solaris 10 Dual interface

      I have two interfaces inet0 & inet1 on my solaris 10 server connected to two different networks - One to the DMZ network & other to the private network. I am able to access the server - only when I bring any one of the interface down.
      If I bring down inet0, I can access through inet1 IP and the vice versa.

      The server was hardened & so I have enabled ip_forwarding using :
      ndd /dev/ip ip_forwarding 1
      The gateway & mask are set proper.

      I tried rebooting the machine, but no chance. please suggest how to resolve this problem.
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          Robert Cohen
          Do you have both interfaces plugged into the same switch?
          If so the problem is probably that both interfaces have the same mac address.

          If its a sparc box, then you can set the eeprom variable 'local-mac-address?'

          if "eeprom | grep local" indictates that its set to false do
          eeprom 'local-mac-address?=true'.

          You probably need to use quotes there to escape the ?.
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            No, both the interfaces have been plugged to two different switches and have two different mac address.
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              since the interfaces are in different networks, assuming you can reach each interface from another place on the relevant subnets (DMZ from another DMZ host etc) then it sounds like routing. packets arriving on one interface being routed back via the other maybe. snoop's usually pretty handy in those cases