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    MS Access Memo fields to Oracle 9i

      I've successfully migrated an Access 97 database to Oracle 9i, but I'm having trouble connecting to certain tables from MS Access. The common feature of these tables is that they have notes fields of type Memo

      These fields have been correctly migrated to CLOB in Oracle, but when I look at them in the Design view of Access, they show as being of type Text

      I've attempted to create another Access linked table to one of these Oracle tables, but the notes field still shows as type Text

      When these linked tables are opened, I get one of two errors:

      "Reserved Error (-7711), there is no message for this error" followed by "SRS Belfast MI can't open this table in Datasheet view"


      "ODBC - call failed" followed by "[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Function sequence error (#0)" followed by the Datasheet view opening will all the fields displaying #Name? as values

      Any suggestions?
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          Hi Richard,
          we have not been able to reproduce this problem in-house. Can you forward the following information to infomwb_ww@oracle.com please ? :

          1. Information on how to produce a small testcase that causes the same problem.
          2. The error.log file which can be found in %OMWB_HOME%\bin.
          3. Details on the version of the ODBC driver you are using.

          Thank you,