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    Getting started with Grid Engine ?


      I'm a newbie and have to configure the Grid Engine -currently 6.1 but we're gonna switch to 6.2 soon-
      I have read full enclosed documentation for N1 GE 6 as well as a few official documents like "Scheduler policies for ..." and "A beginner's guide to GE 6.2"
      Also, I managed to create queues and run jobs from the qmon.

      I understand that a very big part of the configuration (if not all of it) lies in the scheduler, particularly in the way policies are tuned.
      My question regards the way policies are to be set, as I currently have no clue how this should be done.
      Though I know I have to ask the end-user what their needs are, I'd first like to experiment a few 'standard configurations' for newbies.

      So : How do you learn how to tune policies ? Just run dozens of jobs from multiple accounts and change their respective weights ? Or is there any other method, involving less trial and error ?

      For instance, jobs running on our servers include some classic batch, parallel, parametric and interactive ones. I came accross a few examples of configurations (in "A beginner's guide to SGE 6.2"), but I find the explanations rather short in regard of the system's own complexity.

      A little help ( more documentation, tutorials, basic configuration, newbie tips) would be much appreciated.
      Thanks for having read.