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        This discussion might to explain the experience I made recently with my local Sun sales representative.
        For about six months now I was continuously asking that sales guy to send me a technical consultant for a feasibility study but nothing happend so far. Up to now I thought the sales guy was just unreliable but after reading this thread I guess he's still checking if this software EOLed or not...
        What I know for sure is that my feasibility budget has been withdrawn on Feb 28th as I didn't use it, so this uncertainty might have cost Sun already some money...
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          well, the product plans will probably change considerably, now that sun is history.
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            Please! Don't take things for granted, that are RUMORS! That might lead to self-fulfilling prophecies...

            And, if you want to be negative, please select a different forum, I guess, it's been outlined above quite clearly by product marketing (Doan) above, what the current plans and stati are!

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              What I believe is the most frustrating is the lack of information on the future of the product (regardless of how this is beeing seen at SUN internally, there should always be one clean path of communication to the customers). We were told that xVM was the future and that it would replace our SunMC, TLP, SPS, WANboot.

              After receiving the roadmap, documentation and the presentation on xVM we had to draw the conclusion that xVM would only replace TLP (without losing functionality). The costs of such operation would not be acceptable when replacing only one product.

              Hearing that N1SPS has not been EOL'ed is certainly a big pre as it is still the only product on the market which satisfies the needs of our business. Now we still have to see the RFE's fixed and we are all happy campers.
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                12 months on... We have no real future to N1SPS.

                OEM GC isn't there

                Ops Centre isn't there.

                Promises aren't there.

                Has anyone heard anything from Sun/Oracle about the direction they are going to be taken to replace N1SPS? Our entire delivery stack and operational tasks are based as plans within N1 SPS.
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                  what do you mean by "it isn't there"?
                  What do you mean by "promises aren't there"?
                  Ever heard of the so-called "safe-harbour statement"?

                  I order to get a precise update on what will be the "replacement" for N1 SPS you need to talk to your Sun/Oracle Sales Rep. Most (all that I know of) large N1 SPS customers have done that, and have gotten precise information meetings.

                  Only so much here:

                  Yes, N1SPS is/will be EOL.


                  OEM GC 11g was launched a couple weeks ago.
                  OEM OC is also there.

                  The official statements as to systems management and how OC and GC might cooperate or been integrated had been shown in the OEM videos/(podcasts during the OEM GC 11g launch (http://www.oracle.com/oms/enterprisemanager11g/index.html), as well as during the Sun "Acquisition is complete" podcasts/lauch-videos (http://www.oracle.com/us/sun/index.html).

                  OEM GC 11g has a stated future including roadmaps, and it also can run "plans".
                  OEM OC has a stated future including roadmaps, and it also can run "plans".

                  So, depending on "layer", OC or GC might be the tool to choose. Or even both, as they already talk to each other and are complementing each other.

                  So, again, talk to your Sun/Oracle Sales Rep, he should have the infos you need.

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                    I would be interested in some official documents by oracle on how precisely to migrate from n1sps to OEM.
                    What I saw so far from OEM is rather limited compared to N1SPS.

                    N1SPS customers typically have several years of development in their own components, plans etc.
                    I would expect migration guides/tools to convert existing plans, components etc.

                    So far the proposals of our Oracle representatives have been rather unspecific.
                    Given the experience with N1SPS most existing customers are probably quite reluctant to invest heavily into customizing a new framework by the same company.
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                      I agree completely with ErwinRichard here. Yes Ops Centre can do our bare metal provisioning. Yes i've had detailed talks with sales and pre-sales locally. However what cannot be answered is:

                      1) Application provisioning - non Oracle Apps, and custom configuartion. Can this be done?
                      2) What about Non-Oracle/Solaris clustering such as VCS - we use that quite a bit.
                      3) What about Non-Oracle/Solaris filesystems and management such as VXFS and VXVM - we use that quite a bit.
                      4) What about cascaded Proxy Servers (or LD's in N1SPS world). We use those quite a bit
                      5) What about Windows Provisioning and orchestration of Windows tools for bare metal builds, configuration (building nic teaming, clusters, file systems, non-oracle app deployment)
                      6) While I migrate to OEM, can I make use of my existing N1SPS LD's so I can keep the 4+ years of intellectual property that our team of support staff, engineering staff and application staff have built while new functionality is built in OEM. This helps me not build separate OEM Proxies to the already existing N1SPS LD's which do similar functions.

                      Examples of the above would help out greatly. Examples using Non-Oracle apps and Non-Linux would be even better.

                      The advantage of N1SPS is that it was a development framework which you can do anything with. Asking the above questions to my local sales staff and them not being able to answer tells me that OEM is not the same.

                      I appreciate that the application engines within N1SPS and OEM are going to be different, and that in all likelihood I will not be able to migrate XML from N1SPS to OEM. Thats painful, but not unworkable. Hence why some of the above questions must be answered.
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