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    results of the 2nd european N1 SPS User Group Meeting, Mar, 2nd, 2010

      N1 communtiy,
      today we had the second user group meeting of the european N1 SPS community at a "Deutsche Bahn" office at Frankfurt.
      --- Thanks again for the invitation and the support to the DB team! ---

      I want to give you all a short abstract of the results of this meeting.
      First of all i want you to look back to the last essential decision of Sun to EOL N1 SPS in a two steps process until 31.12.2013. Having this event in mind the N1 SPS user community decides to met today at Frankfurt.

      We wanted to figure out and discuss (with Sun), what can be done to overcome the EOL announcement of N1 SPS.

      A major result of the meeting was to hand over a "N1 SPS user group petition 2010" to Sun and Oracle country management.

      There was a roadmap defined to compose this "petition" in the next days (hand over date to Sun / Oracle is 10.03.2010)

      This are the main aspects of the "N1 SPS user group petition 2010":

      - request of an extension of the support timeline to five years (and beyond...)
      - customers want to give a long term commitment for the product N1 SPS
      - basic continuation of product evolution and future OS platform support for deployment targets (e.g. AIX 6.1 / SLES 11)
      - definition of a adequate migration strategy for the N1 SPS product and customer assets (produced for or with the product)
      - retention of reputation that was developed with the product N1 SPS for different systems management strategies at customer site
      - N1 SPS is an extraordinary product that should be part of a complex deployment strategy at the datacenter in the future

      --- > Based on this key data we want to appeal you for joining this "N1 SPS user group petition 2010" to Sun / Oracle !

      Thank you for your support !

      .. acting on N1 SPS user group instructions ... Dr. Ch. Röser (HKM)

      Please reply to this request if you are interested to support this petition !

      (please see also N1 SPS User Group project page at www.kenai.com)
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          yes, i want to join this "N1 SPS user group petition 2010" to Sun / Oracle.
          i've done as many others as well a great deal in automating installation and deployment and this DEFINETLY is a great tool made by people who what they are doing. and besides many good features it is a reliable tool.
          for my customers want to have a roadmap for these topics: installation, configuration + deployment.

          So I'm expecting to hear from Sun/Oracle much more that just EOL.

          I'm still standing to what i said in a success story with my custmer - http://www.sun.com/customers/software/pixelpark.xml

          Best Regards,
          Uwe Bartels

          Uwe Bartels
          Systemarchitect - Freelancer
          mailto: uwe dot bartels at gmail dot com
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            I agree.

            What's needed is at least 5 years of ongoing active Support (including emerging new Platform Versions).

            If Sun/Oracle expects their clients to migrate to a new product, they should provide detailed migration information and usable migration tools (covering existing Components and Plans, inheritance, Dependencies and installation history data) to protect the substantial investments existing clients have made in the N1SPS framework.
            Of particular interest for my client are the virtual host concept and modeling of dependencies over multiple hosts for application server (Oracle WebLogic) clusters.

            I'm not sure if Sun/Oracle did fully understand the potential of N1SPS - especially for managing (their own) Middleware products - when they decided to EOL N1SPS.


            Erwin Richard
            System Architect - Freelancer
            mailto: info@richardconsulting.ch
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              Based on the 2nd european N1 SPS User Group Meeting

              we want to deliver a final petition document to the community to hand over the above requirements to Sun and Oracle.

              Please download the petition at:



              Chrisitan Röser
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                Under http://www.heise.de/ix/meldung/Deutsche-Kunden-wollen-laengere-Lebenszeit-fuer-Sun-Software-950892.html you can find a newsflash. Sorry, german only.

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