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    EOL Sun N1sps 31.12.2013

      Hi everybody,

      in the last announcement has SUN published then EOL of N1sps:

      "Announcing the transition of the N1(TM) Service Provisioning
      System(SPS) product line with a shortened end of service life (EOSL)
      time frame.

      The End of Life (EOL) of N1 SPS 5.x was previously announced on November
      10, 2009. This is also announcing that those part numbers will move
      to the shortened EOSL time frame as well."

      The best of all:
      Is Sun going to offer N1 Service Provisioning System as open source
      or other forms to customers or third parties so that they can sustain
      the product?

      Sun is neither open sourcing nor giving it to any third parties for
      sustaining the product. Sun is providing support until Dec 31, 2013
      on the schedule outlined previously in this document.

      And what now?
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          Is there an official source which can confirm this (link?) or maybe an employee of SUN who can confim in this thread?
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            It is official released, in Germany the VVI: Q2FY2010-159I from 19.01.2010 (published 22.01.2010).
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              i am sad to see the next good and innovative product dying at Sun during the last years (perhaps caused by the Oracle/Sun merge)....

              So there is a remaining time of three years to get support for the product. I am not safisfied with the migration path for application provisioning delivered by Sun !
              The OS / Firmware provisioning strategy is based on Ops Center. So there is a powerful tool to handle new OS versions or hardware platforms in the future.
              But there is no concrete path to get SPS application provisioning to the next level.

              I believe that no company that aligns thier longterm software provisioning strategy wants to migrate configuration plans and historical data stored in SPS to another tool wihthin the next three years to get a new "supported" platform for provisioning in the datacenter.

              What are your ideas and thoughts to survive this dilemma ???


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                on Tuesday, 02.03., we arrange a n1sps usergroup conference in Frankfurt am Main/Germany with this theme. If you interested in, let me know and i will send you an invitation.

                Best regards