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    patch update 6.0.4 failed

      after I have applied the necessary patches the server do not want start with the error:

      2009-06-10 10:39:44,350 ERROR [main] com.raplix.rolloutexpress.migrate.m603to604.MigrateData (Migra
      teData.java:30) - Unexpected Error:  Could not open mapping file. (023009)
      It was an initially installed version 6.0.2 on Solaris 11 x86 which was patched at 6.0.3. There is also a version discrepancy in the SUNWspsc1, SUNWspsj1 packages:

      I have: 6.0,REV=2008.
      patch expect: 6.0,REV=2007.

      Has somebody an idea to fix the problem?