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    Problems with 6.0.4 and hdb.h.add

      Anyone else seen this? This worked with 6.0.2 for us.

      "${CR_CLI} -cmd hdb.h.add -name ${HOST} -tID NM:system#crhost ${AUTH}
      Error with request - response layer when sending request / receiving response. (022059)
      com.raplix.rolloutexpress.systemmodel.plandb.ExecutionPlanID; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = -4789341204341170294, local class serialVersionUID = -2645618280357580736

      If i prepare the host from the WUI i get:
      Error:The plan (or preflight) "/system/prepHostsPlan" finished with 1 failed host(s). (017034)
      There was an error while updating machine information for physical host ollespappa. (017035)
      The version of this Unspecified application at "" is not compatible with the N1 Service Provisioning System. Upgrade this application before continuing. (022194)

      I am however able to upgrade from the WUI. But does does not solve my problem to add the host from the command line, hdb.h.add should only add the host, i later in my script use node.au.run to upgrade the remote agent, but i cant get there without adding the host...

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          Did you check if the CLI and MS are in the same version (./cr_server version and ./cr_cli version). This error might show up if they are not of the same version, or the patching on MS and CLI have not been done successfully

          Visit Release Notes for patching information : http://wikis.sun.com/display/SPS/SPS+6.0.4+Release+Notes

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