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    n1aa masterserver problem


      I' m using n1aa for moving zone between one host to other, using sap group, zone and storage resource. All work well, but if I use the masterserver for this purpose, we receipt the error:

      ERROR: Got Exception while attempting to ping masterserver

      ...the masterserver cannot contact ..the masterserver!!

      somebody knows if is it possible to use the masterserver as a client, remote agent hosts, in this situation?

      many thanks

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          Hey Max,

          When installing N1SPS, you typically install a Remote Agent as well on the Masterserver. Then you update the host-entry for Masterserver, saying that you have an agent there installed as well. Then it is your pick if you want to use SSH or not. For the masterserver itself, I tend to use RAW and when asking for the IP Address, I respond "localhost", then it binds to this port and since snoop is not allowed on loopback, you are safe using RAW in this case.

          If you want to use SSH, then make sure as usual that you can ssh without a password asked as the N1SPS user you have configured.

          Kind regards,
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            thanks Peter,
            we solve the problem with the change of the host name of the masterserver.
            We used "masterserver" , but this isn' t the real hostname, the nodename, so we change the n1 configuration and now is working.
            I thing N1aa use the name of masterserver host for ping and it cant' t resolve him.

            thank you again