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    Bundle export/import questions and work arounds


      I've begun to use bundles to migrate components from our test server to our production server. Bundles are a great feature which i missed the last time i worked with N1SPS a few years back. But i've found a few things that i had to work around.

      1. It would be very nice to be able to set version to something like "latest" in the bundle, so i always get the latest version of all components when i do an export.

      2. The bundle should be able to export in a certain order, first folder then components, then containers and lastly plans. Today i have to add everything to the bundle in this order or change the XML-file in the jar afterwards. A function to change the order in the bundle would also help.

      3. Then the bundle is imported the container reefers to components of version 1.1 for some reason (in this case a directory), but it will import that component to version 1.0? I had to change the version reference in the XML to get this to work.

      Any workaround or is it all RFE:s and bugfixes?