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    Solstice agent - other agents

      Hi all,

      As being new to SNMP and Solaris, I think I have a fairly easy question for you guys.

      We're currently running Solaris 9 on V440 and V420 boxes.
      I'll have to perform some monitoring on these and SNMP drawed my attention.

      But on the system curently only the SUNWsasm package is installed and running (Solstice enterprise agent) A simple snmpwalk could not be performed. Is this package enough or....

      In the Sun SNMP manager agent Admin guide for Sun Fire v420 and 440 I found nevertheless other packages which should be installed:
      SUNWmasf, SUNWmasfr + the commom config reader for the V440 and 420).

      Thanks for the help; which is very much appreciated.

      best regards,