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    Mock RFP for SUN network management tool, desperate 4 help, just need specs

      OK, I have a project that in essence is a mock Request for Proposal (RFP), I play as an intern, & our instructor roleplays the manager we need to convince. The different network management tools that were available were for example; HP Openview, Cisco Works, Sniffer....& I of course chose SunNet. We need to gather information on the tool, then turn around & design a relatively simple network from the specs that were given, & finally discuss how the management tool's abilities could benefit the (mock) company...power point presentation & all.

      Here it is from the homework sheet given to us...."These products will need to be useful in a 5000 node network that has four main locations that are primarily Ethernet. There is a legacy 100 nodes of Token Ring attached to a mainframe. Cisco or Foundry routers connect the Four main locations, with swiches employed. Other connections to these sites are done via DSL or ISDN. Additional considerations are wireless communications, VOIP & Content delivery systems.

      I know this is a lot & I'm not asking for someone to do all this for me, just simply provide any information you know about Enterprise management tools 2.0 or 3.0,or anything you may feel better suits my needs, as the links I have surfed about them give little to nothing about specifics that I need to make any argument. If you have any links send them...if you have anyting in hard copy I will pay for postage... I need to get this done & have little time as I go to school & work full time at Motorola (but only as a contractor), so I'm starting to choke & need help....any u can give is so very appreciated....& sorry to make this request a publishable novel here on the board, but thats what it is. Thanks again......Mark