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    SunMC3.5, Solaris 10, V490 not working

      I have a V490 machine running Solaris 10 and have put a SunMC3.5update1b agent on it. I have configured it in our SunMC3.5 server but are not able to reliably get HW alarms across - for example pulling out a powersupply (sometimes it is sent) or pulling a ethernet cable - we get the link down most of the time, but never get the link up when we put the cable back in.
      We have a multipathed connection between the SunMC and the server - could that be an issue.

      We are snooping ports 161 and 162 and sometimes see the traps...

      Could anyone first of all verify that the SunMC3.5update1b does support Solaris 10 and V490? Are there any issues if we have an SunMC3.5 (no update 1b) server - I know that you normally should have the newest SunMC server since they are backwards compatible.

      Are there any modules/add-ons that we possibly have missed?

      Mike Lindstrom