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t2000 server

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is there a document available for installation specific to t2000 server. I have installed the server and agent of SUN MC 4.0 on t2000, but hardware, application and other tabs are not available. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue.
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    Hi Zeealee,

    The T2000 servers are supported under the ELP addon found here:

    Install it on the server first and then on the agent. You should be able to see the icon for that agent change to a T2000 image and the hardware tab should appear.

    Pegah Garousi
    Halcyon Monitoring Solutions

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    Pegah's right, the ELP addon should sort things out. For an idea of what it should look like (at least for hardware monitoring) [look here|].

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    I downloaded the the piece of software and installed with the information provided on the release notes. Unfortunately, nothing has changed at all. Everything is still the same. Just do you know that the Sun MC server is also installed on the same server. Any other help will be great.