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    SMC 4.0 and M4000 XSCF configuration


      I'm trying to configure a XSCF from a M4000 server. My configuration is:

      SunMC 4.0. Server with IP:

      and the XSCF:

      XSCF> showsunmc
      Agent Status: Enabled, running
      Setup Status: Set up
      SunMC Server:
      Security Seed: xxxxx
      SNMPv1 Community String: public
      Agent Port: 1161
      Host Trap Port: 162
      Host Event Port: 163
      SNMP Agent Port: 161
      Domain Agent Port: 1161

      XSCF> showsnmp

      Agent Status: Enabled
      Agent Port: 161
      System Location: Unknown
      System Contact: Unknown
      System Description: Unknown

      Trap Hosts:

      Hostname Port Type Community String Username Auth Protocol
      -------- ---- ---- ---------------- -------- ------------- 162 v1 public n/a n/a
      abaj0 162 v1 public n/a n/a
      abaj0 1161 v2 public n/a n/a

      SNMP V1/V2c: None

      Enabled MIB Modules:

      SP MIB
      FM MIB

      There is no firewall between sunmc server and the XSCF agent, but when I try to add the agent to the sunmc console with this data:

      Port: 1161

      I obtain: Cannot communicate with agent process.Please check host/agent and retry.

      More tests (ge07 is the name of the sunmc server, alom-abajo the XSCF ):

      root@ge07 # ping -s alom-abajo
      PING alom-abajo: 56 data bytes
      64 bytes from alom-abajo ( icmp_seq=0. time=1.61 ms
      64 bytes from alom-abajo ( icmp_seq=1. time=1.53 ms
      ----alom-abajo PING Statistics----
      2 packets transmitted, 2 packets received, 0% packet loss
      round-trip (ms) min/avg/max/stddev = 1.53/1.57/1.61/0.062

      Can anyone help me? Thanks!
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          The post about M4000 and Sun Management Center Platform Agent is quite old now but as I had a similar problem I thought it would be still worth to reply to it.

          First I would check SNMP connection from the SunMC server to the XSCF:
          # /usr/sfw/bin/snmpget -v 3 -u espublic -l noAuthNoPriv sysUpTime.0
          Users espublic and esmaster are defined by default in the SunMC Agent on XSCF.
          If you get a reply (system time) then connectivity is fine. Well, I would not expect any problems if both hosts are in the same subnet.

          Then check how many interfaces you have defined on the XSCF:
          XSCF> shownetwork -a
          The problem in our system was caused by two interfaces (two IP addresses) defined on XSCF.
          I think it happens only when lan#0 is configured with IP address and you connect to Platform Agent on lan#1.
          I believe it has something to do with the generation of SNMP v3 keys (or EngineIDs) although I cannot confirm it.

          If you have two IPs in XSCF then remove the one that is not required for SunMC. Then, reconfigure and start SunMC Agent.
          Here is how I did that:
          XSCF> setnetwork -r xscf#0-lan#0
          XSCF> applynetwork
          XSCF> setsunmc disable
          XSCF> rebootxscf
          ... wait until XSCF is back after reboot
          XSCF> setsunmc -s <SunMC-server-IP> -z <seed> -c <community>
          XSCF> setsunmc enable
          XSCF> showsunmc
          In my system SunMC server was able to contact the XSCF Platform Agent immediately after that procedure.
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            The first thing to check is that the XSCF agent security seed matches that of the SunMC server.