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    SCM4.0 -(/sunmcweb/jsp/hosts/SCMHostTree.jsp) is not available


      I have SMC 4.0 installed on a two-node cluster running SC3.2u2 to make the service highly available.
      So far I have it working on a semi-automatic failover mode (application has to be manually restarted after a failover).

      When I try to access the SCM menu in the left pane of the Web console, I get the following error message --
      HTTP Status 404 - /sunmcweb/jsp/hosts/SCMHostTree.jsp
      type Status report
      message /sunmcweb/jsp/hosts/SCMHostTree.jsp
      description The requested resource (/sunmcweb/jsp/hosts/SCMHostTree.jsp) is not available.
      Apache Tomcat/6.0.14
      I have tried searching sunsolve and on the web in vain for any inkling as to how I can fix this problem and start using the Container Manager. Can anyone please help me?